Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walk Through The Pages

Highly talented vocalist, Miles Pike, releases a spectacular Spiritual album, "Walk Through The Pages," dedicated to his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This beautiful album is comprised of uplifting and reflective lyrics set to Pike's favorite Bible stories. He has spent many years writing these sweet melodies and his work really shines with a magnitude of sacred devotion. Opening up the album the song, "Through The Pages," sets the story of this CD with a wonderful style and grace. "Teach Me To Love Like That," is a song of kindness, patience, and forgiveness as Pike sings this lovely song with emotive expression. Another song, "The Tomb Is Empty," tells a poetic story of hope and how life is precious now and eternally. If you like Spiritual songs that are flavored with warm Country charm then you will thoroughly enjoy the outstanding songs on the album, "Walk Through The Pages."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Believe" by Brandee Nielsen (Spritual Artist from Florida)

Performer and composer, Brandee Nielsen, releases a wonderful Spiritual/Christian Rock CD, "Believe." This album gives the listener an uplifting feel as each song has a warm and inviting tone which attracts you to the powerful lyrics and melodic melodies. Her voice is sweet and sincere and charms its way into your soul with a mixture of musical forms such as Pop, Rock, Contemporary, and Country. The song, "Lead Me Into Your Light," moves with a graceful style as Nielsen sings with a soulful tonality. The songs, "Behold the Barren Cross" and Move On (Trust God)," have elements of Rock appeal and casts an easy moving flair. The beautiful ballad, "You Showed Me," is stunning as Nielsen emotive voice displays dynamic power and her lyrics a truly touching. Fans of Spiritual/Christian Rock music will really enjoy the superb songs on the excellent album, "Believe."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"MoonLight" by Robert Lauri (World Artist from France)

Robert Lauri releases a brilliant New Age/Ethnic Fusion single, "MoonLight." This song has an abundance of rich musical complexities as Lauri takes his musical talents and explores the genres of Electro Pop, Amerindian, and Ethnic sounds. Not only is this single melodic, but it contains interesting elements of tribal nuances and multi-layered soundscapes. One can sense an ambiance of mysterious fascination when hearing this song. It seems to capture your inner being and hypnotizes you with its entrancing pulsating rhythm. The vocal chants are soulful and add a dynamic quality to the song. If you like to listen to music that consists of a couple of different musical genres then you will thoroughly enjoy the exquisite New Age/ Ethnic Fusion single, "MoonLight."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Ad Achshav" by Yehuda Freeman (Spiritual Artist from New York City, NY)

Talented artist, Yehuda Freeman, releases a beautiful spiritual single, "Ad Achshav (Tehillim 110:5&7)." As you listen to this track, you find it has a relaxing appeal with a sweet and easy flowing feel. The harmonious vocals charm their way into your heart and soul as they are gentle and comforting. These laid back vocals complement the warm and inviting lyrics, which are not sung in English, and you will find this song to be quite enchanting. The instruments have a nice dynamic balance as the bass drum beat draws you into the core of the song with a strong and solid tonality. This single is genuine about its roots and sound and Freeman has composed a well crafted song with fresh originality. If you like calm and soothing spiritual music, then you will enjoy the wonderful single, "Ad Achshav (Tehillim 110:5&7)."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, May 2, 2011

"For Your Glory" by Deana Hoyles (Spiritual Artist from Ontario, Canada)

Talented vocalist/musician, Deana Hoyles, releases her debut Spiritual CD, "For Your Glory." This album is comprised of beautiful Contemporary Christian music and will surely strengthen your inner soul. Her music is embedded with relaxed and reflective sincerity as she lets the listener feel her enthusiasm for Christian spirituality. The opener/title track, "For Your Glory," flows with a charming style and grace as Hoyles sings the emotive lyrics with a sweet and lovely passion. The ballads, "Be Still" and "Heaven" are soft and delicate while the thoughtful lyrics soothe the soul with the essence of hope and courage. "Do You Know," is an expressive song that warms the heart as Hoyles silky voice sings with a breathtaking tonality. If you are searching for a wonderful collection of spiritual music, then you will need to listen to the delightful album, "For Your Glory."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Circle of Grace" by Billy Chernoff (Spirtual Artist)

The spiritual album, "Circle of Grace," by Billy Chernoff, is an amazing collection of beautifully written Country Gospel music. Chernoff takes his love of spiritual music and composes an album that is not only uplifting but inspiring. Opening up the CD, the title track, "Circle of Grace," is a rootsy Country song that has Chernoff singing the inspirational lyrics with a strong and solid style while the instruments weave a flowing beat. The track, "Got To Tell Your Story," is sweet and charming as Chernoff sings this melodic melody with a delightful form. You will like the lyrics on the song, "Can't Sing Gospel Music In A Bar," as this song has terrific Country flavor merged with a touch of fun loving lyrics. Fans of Country music with spiritual reflections will take pleasure in the wonderful songs on the excellent album, "Circle of Grace."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Altar of Heaven" by Curtis and Celi (Spiritual Artist from Colorado)

"Altar of Heaven" is the recently released CD by Curtis and Celi Turner and is comprised of beautiful and inspirational Contemporary Christian music. This husband and wife duo shares their vision of Christianity through their music with a passionate style and grace. Their voices are sweet and soothing as they sing these charming lyrics of faith and hope. The first song, "Faith Like that," is not only upbeat but the harmonies this duo creates are lovely. The title track, "Altar of Heaven," is a bouncy tune that has syncopated beats that swirl around the delightful lyrics. Another song, "Two Become One," is heartfelt and sincere as the vocals sing with melodic style while the acoustic guitar strums along with a tranquil serenity. Let your spirits be lifted by the thought provoking spiritual music on the wonderful album, "Altar of Heaven."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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